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Toyrolla Spares has a wide range of new and used engines suitable to replace Toyota K Engines. Toyrolla Spares is Australia’s number 1 distributor of new and used  motors suitable to replace Toyota K Engines and parts suitable to replace all Toyota’s car parts. Our parts range from used motors suitable to replace Toyota K Engines, alternators, carburettors, control arms, drive shafts, gearboxes, shock absorbers, starter motors, headlights, tail lights, doors and panels.

At Toyrolla Spares we are No.1 in quality recycled parts suitable for Toyota vehicles. Toyrolla Spares offers delivery of all our engines suitable to replace Toyota K Engines and car parts suitable to replace Toyota parts to the Melbourne Metro area. Our engines that are suitable to replaceToyota K Engines can also be delivered Australia wide by arrangement, depending on location. Delivery of our eninges suitable to replace Toyota K Engines does incur a small fee.

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The Toyota K series was a straight-4 engine produced from 1966 through 1998. It was a 2-valve pushrod engine design, a rarity for the company.

All K series are non-crossflow engines — the inlet and exhaust manifolds are on the same side. They have cast iron blocks and aluminium alloy heads, with a crankshaft supported by 5 main bearings. K engines have solid lifters and 1.5 ratio rockers with an adjustment thread for tappet clearance.


The 2-valve OHV 1.1 L (1077 cc) K was produced from 1966 through 1969. A similar K-B was produced from 1968 through 1969, the -B designates twin carburettors.


Toyota Corolla KE1x


The 2-valve OHV 1.0 L (993 cc) 2K was produced from 1969 through 1988. Output in 1984 was 45 hp (34 kW) at 5600 RPM and 49 ft·lbf (66 N·m) at 4000 RPM.

Toyota Publica · Toyota Starlet


The 2-valve OHV 1.2 L (1166 cc) 3K was produced from 1969 through 1977. Cylinder bore was 75 mm (2.95 in) and stroke was 66 mm (2.6 in). 3K 68ps at 6000rpm. 3K-BR 74ps at 6600rpm. 3K-B 77ps at 6600rpm and 74ps at 6600rpm (compression ratio of 10 and 9).

The 1969 through 1975 3K-B was a twin-carb version. The California-spec 3K-C (1977-1979) and 3K-H were other available versions.

Toyota Corolla · Toyota Starlet · Daihatsu Charmant · Toyota Kijang


The 1.3 L (1290 cc) 4K was produced from 1978 through 1989. Cylinder bore was 75 mm (2.95 in) and stroke was 73 mm (2.87 in). It was a 2-valve OHV engine.

In 1980, the 4K produced 60 hp (45 kW) at RPM. From 1982 through 1984, output was 65 hp (48 kW) at 5600 RPM and 72 ft·lbf (97 N·m) at 3600 RPM.

The 1981 and 1982 California-spec 4K-C produced 58 hp (43 kW) at 5200 RPM and 67 ft.lbf (90 Nm) at 3600 RPM. Torque was up to 74 ft·lbf (100 N·m) at 3400 RPM for the fuel injected 1982 through 1984 4K-E. The Japan-spec 4K-U produced 74 hp (55 kW) at 5600 RPM and 78 ft·lbf (105 N·m) at 3600 RPM in 1982.

Toyota Corolla · Toyota Starlet · Toyota Liteace · Daihatsu Charmant · Toyota Kijang


The 1.5 L (1496 cc) 5K was produced from 1983 through 1989

Toyota Corolla KE74 (Japanese Station Wagon) · Toyota Hi-Ace KR Van · Toyota Lite Ace KM36 Van · Toyota Kijang 


The 1.8 L (1812 cc) 7K was produced in 1983. Cylinder bore was 80.5 mm (3.17 in) and stroke was 87.5 mm (3.44 in). Output was 76 hp (57 kW) at 4600 RPM and 103 ft·lbf (139 N·m) at 2800  Was available with a 5 speed manual & 4 speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Liteace KM20 · Toyota Kijang