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Toyrolla Spares has a wide selection of new and second hand Gearboxes at its Melbourne headquarters and available across Australia. Toyrolla Spares is Australia’s number 1 distributor of new and second hand Gearboxes and all car parts suitable for Toyota vehicles, ranging from used engines, alternators, carburettors, control arms, drive shafts, shock absorbers, starter motors, headlights, taillights, doors and panels.

At Toyrolla Spares we are No.1 in quality recycled car parts suitable for Toyota models. Toyrolla Spares offers delivery of all our Gearboxes to the Melbourne Metro area. Second hand Gearboxes can also be delivered Australia-wide by arrangement, depending on location. Delivery of Gearboxes does incur a small fee.

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Most modern gearboxes either reduce an unsuitable high speed and low torque of the prime mover output shaft to a more stable lower speed with higher torque, or do the opposite and provide a mechanical advantage (i.e increase in torque) to allow higher forces to be generated. Some of the simplest gearboxes merely change the physical direction in which power is transmitted.

Many typical automobile transmissions include the ability to select one of several different gear ratios. In this case, most of the gear ratios (simply called “gears”) are used to slow down the output speed of the engine and increase torque. However, the highest gears may be “overdrive” types that increase the output speed.

The need for a transmission in an automobile is a consequence of the characteristics of the internal combustion engine. Engines typically operate over a range of 600 to about 7000 revolutions per minute (though this varies, and is typically less for diesel engines), while the car’s wheels rotate between 0 rpm and around 1800 rpm.

Furthermore, the engine provides its highest torque outputs approximately in the middle of its range, while often the greatest torque is required when the vehicle is moving from rest or traveling slowly. Therefore, a system that transforms the engine’s output so that it can supply high torque at low speeds, but also operate at highway speeds with the motor still operating within its limits, is required. Transmissions perform this transformation.

Most transmissions and gears used in automotive and truck applications are contained in a cast iron case, though sometimes aluminum is used for lower weight. There are three shafts: a mainshaft, a countershaft, and an idler shaft.

The mainshaft extends outside the case in both directions: the input shaft towards the engine, and the output shaft towards the rear axle (on rear wheel drive cars). The shaft is suspended by the main bearings, and is split towards the input end. At the point of the split, a pilot bearing holds the shafts together. The gears and clutches ride on the mainshaft, the gears being free to turn relative to the mainshaft except when engaged by the clutches.

Automobile includes manual, automatic or semi-automatic transmission.