Used & Reconditioned Engines, Melbourne, delivered Australia wide

We stock Used and also Reconditioned engines:

7A – 1ZZ – 2ZZ – 2ZR – 4Y – 4A – 4AGE – 1NZ – 2NZ – 4E – 5E – 2NZ
2GR – 1MZ – 1AZ – 2AZ – 2S – 5S – 1MZ – 3VZ – 2AZ – 2GR – 1KD
1UZ – 3UZ – 1JZ – 2JZ – 2S – 22R – 18R – 12R – 5ME – 5MLE – 4M –
7MGE – 3SGE – 5SFE – 2ZZ – 3SGTE – 3S – 2GR – 3MZ – 2Y – 3Y –
1KZ – 2LT – 5VZ – 3L – 5L – 3CT – 3C – 3SGE – 7MGTE – 5ME – 22R –
12R – 1GR – 2TR – 5K – 2T – 4K

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Quality recycled vehicle parts (also known as used or second-hand) are an important, viable, affordable, low-cost alternative for motor repairers, mechanics, body shops, traders, insurers, and the general public Re-use of our quality auto parts reduces the need for new vehicle parts to be manufactured; which in turn reduces polution and the demands on natural resources, ultimately protecting the environment for the future Our experienced staff have a good knowledge of the responsible re-use of quality auto parts and provide professional ‘dealer style’ customer service Toyrolla’s spare parts prices are very competitive and can offer as much as 50% savings on comparable new auto parts, creating value for our customers. The systematic recording of late model damaged vehicles in compliance with Regulations assists police in the identification of stolen vehicles, advises government authorities of Statutory Written Off Vehicles, creating legitimate employment opportunities for Australian workers and contributes to raising of state and federal government taxes Quality recycled auto parts made to manufacturer specification. You can expect quality recycled auto parts to come with a minimum warranty, often up to 6 months, with parts and labour warranty (unless otherwise agreed) Automotive dismantling is a world wide industry which responsibly processes millions of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) per annum, de-polluting contaminants and hazards such as the oils, fuels, batteries, gases and air bags Auto Parts Recycling therefore plays a key role in fulfilling motor manufacturer recycling “Extended Producer Responsibility” obligations in Australia Safe and fit for vehicle repairs purposes. Parts Re-use is an environmentally friendly and environmentally sustainable program. We can assist with parts for older vehicles; parts no longer available new; or parts not currently available from new parts dealers (commonly known as ‘stock outs’) which result in parts supply and repair delays. Our increased recycle auto parts availability helps reduce repair delays – Toyrolla’s recycled auto parts inventory is large and can be readily accessed. In the event a part is not fit for purpose, you can expect it to be exchanged for another part. Our computerised vehicle and recycled auto parts management system ensure our staff can give you prompt service for ‘price and availability’ inquiries, as well as provide you with commonly requested information.

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